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About us

PSZ and St. Johannis GmBH

The Psychosocial Center for Migrants in Saxony-Anhalt (PSZ) remains the only specialized facility in the state for psychotherapeutic treatments of refugees. The PSZ Saxony-Anhalt has been in operation since 2006 and operates in two locations, Halle and Magdeburg (since 2010).

The PSZ Saxony-Anhalt is a member of the nationwide Working Group of Psychosocial Centers for Refugees and Victims of Torture (BAfF) and operates according to their guidelines.

Since 2012, the PSZ Saxony-Anhalt has been under the auspices of St. Johannis GmbH. St. Johannis GmbH is engaged in various areas of migration work throughout the state. Specialized counseling and support services under the State of Saxony-Anhalt’s Reception Act, adult migration counseling, and youth migration services are offered at three locations.