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Professional training

We offer free training formats for professionals and volunteers who work with mentally distressed or ill refugees (regardless of their residence status).

This includes:

  • Staff in communal accommodations and migration counseling centers
  • Integration assistants and guides
  • Staff in educational institutions and authorities
  • Actors in regular psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services and other medical care facilities
  • Interpreters

Main topics that we cover:

  • Strategies for dealing with mentally distressed or ill refugees
  • Specifics of working with unaccompanied refugee minors
  • Understanding of health and illness
  • Fundamental knowledge of trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Intercultural aspects in psychotherapy
  • Self-care when working with refugees
  • Language and cultural mediation in the healthcare sector
  • Language and cultural mediation in therapeutic settings for psychologists/therapists/interpreters

These are one-time events (lectures/consultations/workshops), but we can also provide process support according to your wishes and needs. Depending on the request, we consider training sessions of at least 3 hours as professionally meaningful. The training sessions are also available on-site, meaning we are happy to come to you. At least 5 participants should express interest in our offering.

If you are interested kindly send us a message: fortbildung(at)

The further training program is supported by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Gender Equality of the State of Saxony-Anhalt.